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Dancer. Yogi. Universe Believer.

I started dancing when I was 3 years old, like many children I guess, but I knew it was more than just a hobby.
After graduating with a Master’s degree in Business & Marketing, I moved to London where I worked in marketing for two years.
I realised that my dream to become a dancer was stronger than before, and decided to start professional dance training in Madrid.
During that time, I continued my marketing job remotely and realised I also wanted to pursue my passion for yoga in the form of becoming a yoga teacher.
200 hours of training later with Gypsea Yoga in Costa Rica, and I was a certified yoga teacher; ready for this next chapter in my life.
After living in Spain, it was now the time to experience the dolce vita in Sicily, where I followed the intense training of Roberto Zappala (renown contemporary choreographer)
Since then, I’ve taken part in different dance projects in Contemporary dance in both Italy & Swiss, and teaching Vinyasa & Yin yoga classes alongside wherever I go.
My next step? Continue dancing my soul out & bringing more yoga into people’s lives.

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